Islamic Finance Certified Practitioner (IFCP) Level 4

Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance (IBA-CEIF) is pleased to announce initiation of Level 4/ Module 4 of our Certification viz. Islamic Finance Certified Practitioner (IFCP). This level is branded as Certificate on Shari'ah Governance, Compliance & Audit.

Those passing the said Course will be awarded Certificate on Shari'ah Governance, Compliance & Audit and those who have passed all the earlier Levels as well will be awarded Certificate for the completion of IFCP course.

This is a program designed with mix of Islamic finance principles and their practical application. Participants who have passed the earlier levels can enroll in this course or anyone who wants to gain knowledge of Shari'ah Governance, Compliance & can enroll in the said Course.

Day & Date: Saturday, March 16, 2024.

Time: 03:00 Pm to 06:00 Pm PKT (Saturdays Only)

This is an online (via Zoom) weekend program. 

Read the flyer for Duration, Fee Structure, Admission criteria etc.

For Registration:

By Email:,

Or Book online at

For further Details: (021) 38104701 Ext: 1851, 1853, 1857. 

Mobile: +92-300-2246059