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  • Executive Learning Program

    Islamic Finance: Concepts & Products for Shariah Scholars

    Date:October 03rd, 2019

    Venue: IBA City Campus, Karachi

    Timing: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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  • Course Description

    IBA Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance is pleased to offer a full day introductory level course for understanding of Islamic Finance, economics & banking concepts, and the related Shariah principles governing them. The course is uniquely designed to provide the participants insights into the various elements of Islamic Financing together with the latest practices adopted by the industry. The course is targeted towards Khateeb- e- Masajid enabling them to understand the basics of Shariah as applied in modern day finance.

    • Develop understanding of Islamic Finance & Economic System
    • Understand essential Shariah Principles related to Islamic Banking & Finance
    • Learn about the modes used for Assets and Liabilities of an Islamic Bank
    • Examine the Islamic Capital Markets
    • Find out answers to Frequently Asked Questions