• Course Description

    Islamic Finance for Academicians is a four-day intensive workshop targeted at full time faculty members and researchers of academic institutes, which focuses on development of skills for teaching, training and designing Islamic Finance programs' curriculum, on discussion of potential research areas in Islamic Banking and Finance, Islamic Capital Markets and the scope and challenges of Islamic Finance at the local and global levels.

    The workshop's core focus areas include emerging areas in Islamic Finance, curriculum for Islamic Finance certificate programs and graduate programs, Islamic Capital Markets, Islamic Law of Contracts, Islamic Banking, meeting with the practitioners and current research areas in Islamic Finance.

    • Gain a thorough academic understanding of the fundamental principles of Islamic Finance
    • Receive knowledge of Islamic Law of Contracts/ Fiqh ul Mua'mlaat and its applications in Islamic Banking and Finance
    • Attain key insights in current research areas in Islamic Finance and how to publish relevant research in leading Islamic Finance journals
    • Understand the local and global status of Islamic Finance industry
    • Elucidate the three main sectors of Islamic Finance: Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Markets and Islamic Insurance (Takaful)
    • Get the opportunity to learn and discuss potential research topics in Islamic Finance with international academic experts