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  • Executive Learning Program

    Marketing: The Islamic Perspective

    Date:August 15th - 16th 2016

    Venue: IBA City Campus

    Timing: 9 am - 5:00 pm

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  • Course Description

    IBA Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance and the International Council of Islamic Finance Educators are pleased to off¬er a two-day course on understanding the Islamic Perspective on Marketing principles and practices. Islamic Banking must adhere to the Islamic marketing point of view which varies from the Conventional in not only principle but practices as well. The course provides the participant with the skillset to discern between Conventional and Islamic Marketing practices, understand consumer behavior and the need for Islamic marketing to achieve the peak performance in meeting their customers' demands.

    The course content will be delivered through short lectures, case discussion, group presentations and role play. The training is workplace focused, with practical sessions to maximize the participants' talents, and provides the skill in explaining and conducting eff¬ective Islamic marketing.