• Course Description

    IBA Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance is offering a basic level course on Takaful, its business model and the Shariah guidelines associated with it. The course will further dwell upon the intricate differences between Conventional Insurance and Takaful with the help of case studies and practical examples. The primary objective of this training is to familiarize the participants with the understanding of Takaful through practical insights.

    • Understand the basic principles of Riba, Qimar and Gharar
    • Understand Takaful Concepts and Practices implemented in Life and General Takaful
    • Assess the insurance model and compare with Takaful models prevalent both locally and globally
    • Understand Shariah perspective on risk
    • Explain the Shariah Guidelines for Investments, Surplus distribution, Charity Fund etc
    • Explore the Frequently Asked Questions in Takaful